About Me:

                                  "Yea, it's ALL about me......" (nod, nod, wink, wink)

              I live in Bellevue, Ky. with my wife, Andrea, and our children Ian and Amanda and Stepsons, Blake and Trevor.

               I am Lead PC Tech at SBcomp.

               I have a B.A. in Radio, TV, and Film from Northern Kentucky University 1989

                Free time (Ha!) Activities include:

             Fishing, Disc Golf, Building Garden Ponds, Poker, Hiking, working and sitting around the house,

      "Photoshopping" myself into pictures, obviously ;-)

           I love playing with my children.

And just in case you are writting a book, producing a movie about me or planning to be a character witness at my trial:    

I am a fan of:  British Television, Big Bang Theory, That 70's Show, James Bond, Star Trek, Harry Potter

(I'm a geek, ok!) and All kinds of Music (well, most kinds anyway)

And now for the "unPhotoshopped" Pictures!

Click on individual photos for full view, if you dare. (sickbags on standby)